About PhotoGeographic:

   The main objective of the project is reflected in its name. PhotoGeographic is a photography-geographical discoveries of unique places on our planet. The inimitable beauty of the Earth is represented in our photographs. The project is based on exclusive photography expeditions, and as the highest goal - unknown or little-known landscapes and natural sites.

PhotoGeographic today:

   Today, PhotoGeographic is a project that aims to show the fascinating beauty of Russia (and the planet) not only in photos, but also in reality! The experience of the project participants allows you to make a lot of interesting, including exclusive routes, which are now available to everyone.

   Travelling with PhotoGeographic is focused on photographers, but will also be interesting to fans of travel and nature, not having photographic tasks.  Each itinerary is carefully arranged, and our team will do the best to make your trip amazing with a maximum of positive emotions! After all, for us it is not just a job – for us it is a part of life! Everything we do is based on genuine love of nature!

   Travel formats with PhotoGeographic are various - expeditions to remote places, to car tours with overnight stays at hotels.

About our  team:

  Sergey Karpukhin - traveler, photographer and popular blogger. He was born in Bashkiria, lives in Mytishchi (Moscow region). He graduated from the Moscow geological Institute. He has a huge expedition experience - 35 years. Most of his expeditions take place in remote areas of Russia. The creative concept is based on photographic research, visualization and description of unknown or little-known territories and landscapes, attractive natural objects and local people from different regions of Russia.

Member of The Russian Geographical Society, founder of the PhotoGeographic project (2007)

  Andrey Grachev - born in Moscow. He spends most of his free time doing landscape photography. Andrey has been travelling across Russia during last few years considering it one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The geography of travel in Russia is large and includes more than 70 regions from the Baltic to Primorye, from Caucasus mountains to Kamchatka.

   Andrey Grachev is a member of The Russian geographical society, finalist and winner of many photo contests (Gold medal of the 19th FIAP Nature Biennial 2018 (Oman), 35AWARDS, Global Arctic Awards (PSA, FIAP), Nikon, Wildlife of Russia, the Most beautiful country (RGO), Best of Russia, etc.), also he is a participant of several photo festivals. Has of publications in foreign news agencies:  The Guardian, Daily Mail, Yahoo, The Telegraph.

   Igor Ivanko – born in Moscow. Professional photographer since 2009. Started his career as an event photographer. Since 2013 he works as a photojournalist at Moscow24 news agency. Has a lot of publications in foreign news agencies:  The Guardian, Daily Mail, National Geographic Magazine, Avax News and Anadolu Agency. Since 2015 Igor began trying his best in landscape and wildlife photography and he was surprised how different and beautiful Russia is. He has fallen in love with Russian nature. In 2017 he became the winner of several photography competions: the Best of Russia and National Geographic Russia. Since 2016 he is leading foreign groups in Kamchatka and Lake Baikal. Speaks English and French fluently.

Video presentation photo tour of winter Baikal:

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