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Dear friends! Sergey Karpukhin  a traveler and a photographer
I’m pleased to present you a new site and photo bank. The main task of this Internet-project is offering of opportunity to become acquainted with the author’s activity.
PhotoGeographic is a project, dedicated to the study of our planet.
You have a chance to see places that once the author saw, to find out something new about those lands, and also to read about the expeditions themselves.
This material is represented briefly in the part “Expeditions”, where you can find a short description of every trip and the gallery of 12 selected photos.
If you are interested in more detailed description of any expedition – you are welcome to the part “Articles”.
Information about ideas, plans and future projects you can find in the part “Projects”.
It’s not a secret that this project has some commercial goals. The author’s activity requires investments, as future development is impossible without financing. In the part “Suggestions” you can find some author’s proposals.
Furthermore, the author’s photo bank contains the main archives of pictures. Almost all origins of the collections are slides of 35 mm. Besides, the essential part is presented by slides of middle format (6x7). The tripod was almost always used during the photo shouting, which imply, along with other conditions, high quality of the pictures. These pictures are first of all intended to be used in professional polygraphy, photocopying in large format and for other professional purposes.
Evidently it isn’t reasonable to prohibit using of the site’s materials. You can do it without notification of the author. However, the link to the site is to be compulsory. Moreover, if the size of the pictures isn’t convenient for you, you can buy a picture of the larger size. It’s easy to fulfil with the help of Internet.
Sergey Karpukhin – a traveler and a photographer.

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