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Photo-Geographic - Help

How to find a necessary picture?
There are several ways of finding a necessary picture: by using navigation structure of the site, with the help of searching window or the form of advanced search.
Navigation structure of the site.
The author’s photobank is represented as a catalogue, founded mainly on geographical principle (section “Geographical objects”), and also contains sections “Themes” and “Towns of Russia”, contents of which you can see by pressing on the sign “+”). In the section Expeditions you can find not only 12 selected pictures, but all photos from the expedition, if you press the reference “Browse all photos”.   
Searching window.
Every picture in the author’s photobank is defined by the place and the time of shooting, key words and themes. You can find the picture by one word or by several at once. In the latter case the search will be turned to the picture, which contains in it description all the askable words. Capital and small letters don’t have any differences during the search.  
Advanced search.
This service is intended for more specific search with several criterions. There is a form with several fields on the page of the advanced search. Three fields have a pulldown. Lines in the fields “Geography” and “Theme” are fully correspond to the sections of the same name in the author’s photobank.  In the field “Origin” you can select format of the initial source of the picture. You can better understand what information to ask in the fields “Key words”, “Place of shoot” and “Code of the picture” by studying a personal card of one of the pictures.  
How to contact the author?
•  Send a letter by e-mail, and it won’t be set aside
•  Call by the home phone number +7 (495) 582-70-81, and you will find, where the author at the moment
•  Follow the publications in the section “News” for being aware of the author’s location and his future plans
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